Hoofdafbeelding Varian AA220FS Atomic Absorption Spectrofotometer

Varian AA220FS Atomic Absorption Spectrofotometer

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The Varian 220 FS (Fast Sequential) is for flame-source atomic absorption analysis of aqueous solutions and vapors. This AA spectrometer operates in both atomic absorption and emission modes. The fast sequential system offers 4 lamp positions that can be selected in sequence; this allowing analysis of 4 elements for a given solution. The instrument is also equiped with the SIPS sample dispersement system which allows on-line calibration and sample dilution.

Varian SpectrAA 220 Fast Sequential (FS) Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS)
An atomic absorption spectrometer (AAS) for analyzation of metals.


  • Format: 1 channel, double beam. 
  • Monochromator: Czerny-Turner with 1,200 lines/mm, holographic quartzovercoated grating, automatic wavelength & slit-size control 1
  • Focal length: 250 Supports; Fast Sequential operation, a mode that allows multiple elements to be measured in rapid sequence in 1 sample, improving productivity by up to 50%.
    Working curve Blank and 10 standards, 8 algorithms. Additional readouts. included corrected signals and calibration graphs.
  • Burner-atomizer: Changeable, laminar, adjustable, optional N2O, premix universal atomizer with fully adjustable nebulizer, fully shielded flame with double-skin chimney.
  • 4 hollow-cathode lamps
  • Varian SIPS Sample Introduction Pump System
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