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Shimadzu SPD-M20A

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The SPD-M20A has a high-resolution mode and high-sensitivity mode. It offers a noise level at 0.6 x 10(-5) AU, which is comparable to that of UV-VIS detectors. Wavelength range 190 to 800nm.

Shimadzu SPD-M20A 

Light source:Deutrium (D2) lamp
Number of diode elementsNone
Wavelenght range190 nm to 700 nm
Bandwidth, slit width8 nm
Wavelenght accuracy1 nm max.

Wavelenght precision

0,1 nm max.
Noise0.5 x 10-5 AU (under specified conditions)
Drift1 x 10 10-4 AU/h (under specified conditions)
Linearity2.5 AU (ASTM standard)
FunctionsDual-wavelenght detetcion in the range 190 to 370 nm and upwards of 371nm, ratio-chromatogram output, wavelenght scanning 
CellOptical wavelenght: 10 mm, Capacity: 12µL, Pressure 12 MPa
Cell temperature-control range5°C above room temperature to 50°C
Web control-
Buffer memoryRefer to the information on the CBM-20A/Alite
Operating temperature range4°C to 35°C 
Dimensions, weight260 (W) x 140 (H) x 420 (D) mm, 13 kg
Power requirementsAC 110V, 230V, 160VA, 50/60 Hz


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