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Sometimes we are lucky and have some laboratory instruments on sale. These aren't all our main sales goods. 

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Your benefits for buying used/refurbished

  1. You save money, 30- 80% compares with the market value.
  2. Spare parts and modules are exchangeable.
  3. Save money for your next purchases.
  4. In one place, you can choose and compare betweed several leading major brands
  5. With your help, we are building a better environment and well-being. 

What is chromatography

Chromatography is a physical method of separation that distributes components to separate between two phases, one stationary (stationary phase), the other (the mobile phase) moving in a definite direction. The eluate is the mobile phase leaving the column. This is also called effluent.

Chromatography has two forms: liquid chromatography and gas chromatography.
In liquid chromatography, liquid, also called running liquid, is used as the mobile phase.
In gas chromatography, carrier gas is used as the mobile phase. With a Gas Chromatograph, chromatography is applied only with gas.

All about Labrecyling®

We buy used chromatography equipment from laboratories in The Netherlands and other Europian countries. 
Labrecyling® offers you the chromatography systems like GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, AAS & ICP-MS/ ICP-OES in the condition:

  • AS = IS
  • Cleaned + repaired
  • Cleaned in- and outside + refurbished 

Labrecycling® is a registered trademark.


We have successfully completed several projects in Africa and South East Asia. By breathing new life into used chromatography equipment, third world countries also have high-tech equipment.

Labrecycling is a member of FHI

Federation of Technology Branches 

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