Buy an used or refurbished GC/MS system

You work at a labratory and your GC/MS is old and you want to replace the GCMS instrument. Now your journey will start. Because where do you want to buy the GC-MS? Do you want to buy a new one or u sed and refurbished GC/MS?  

Where do I buy a GC/MS?

You are a Laboratory employee or a buyer from an R & D department and in search for a GC MS system. You can buy them new, but also used/ refurbished. 

When the budget is high enough or you get government support, a new one is the most choosen one.

Buy used / refurbished GC-MS system at Labrecycling

BUT, you work in the private sector and your company or school does not have the means for a new GC/MS. Then you maybe think, What can I buy? offers you the sollution. They can offer you refurbished and used ones.

Information on Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)


A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) system separates chemical mixtures (GC component) and identifies the components at the molecular level (MS component). It is one of the most accurate tools for analysing environmental samples. 
With a GC, a mixture is separated into individual substances by heating.  The heated gases are passed through a column containing an inert gas (e.g. helium). When the separated substances come out of the column opening, they flow into the MS



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