Used chromatography instruments

What is a chromatography machine called?

The instrument used to perform gas chromatography is called a 'gas chromatograph' (or "aerograph", "gas separator"). The gaseous compounds being analyzed interact with the walls of the column, which is coated with a stationary phase.

What equipment is used for chromatography?

Chromatography instruments includes all the components needed for separation: columns, frits, flow cells, pumps, detector, collectors and software to complete systems used for " High Performance Liquid Chromatography" (HPLC), Gas chromatography (GC) and Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometers (LC-MS).

The three columns below show the separation principle. The system consists of a column filled with a solid stationary phase (brown) through which a liquid mobile phase flows (orange). When a mixture of two substances (yellow and red) is applied to the column, both substances are transported through the column, but because the yellow substance adheres more strongly to the stationary phase than the red substance, the two substances leave the column one by one. The mixture is thus separated.

There may be various reasons for wanting to separate a mixture and the requirements imposed on the chromatography system depend on the intended purpose.


Used chromatography instruments?

Used chromatography instruments are systems, whom gets a 2nd change. Some laboratories in the world has not the means for a new chromatography instrument and buy a 2nd one. Other Laboratories thinks it is bette for the evironment and give an used one a 2nd life.  

It is important to know that used HPLC, GC or AAS (Atomic Absoprtion System) is cheaper than a new one. The price is sometimes 80% less than the original price. Also good to know is, when a used one is bought it is still a great machine.  



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