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Labrecycling has a wide range of pre-owned Atomic Absorption Spectrofotometer systems 

The AAS systems are sold as used, pre-owned or refurbished from various manufactures such as Agilent Technologies, Thermo Scientific, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer & Varian.

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  • Detailed photos
  • Year of purchase
  • PC and software are included or not
  • the latest tune report and service report, when it is possible 

What is an Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy AAS?

This technique is used to measure metal atoms. Atomic absorption spectroscopy is an analytical technique that relies on the selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation by atoms.

When measuring using AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy), the solution is first atomized in a flame. The solvent will evaporate due to the heat of the flame. The flame is so hot that most substances disintegrate into atoms. The measurement looks at single atoms. These loose atoms are all the same and so absorb the same light and get the same color.


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