Yes I am selling my AAS to Labrecycling

Do you have an AAS you are not doing anything with? Our customers are desperate for AAS systems. Our customers are eager for an AAS that is still in good working order.

We reuse chromatography equipment and would like to take over your old durable investment goods. Sell old chromatography systems that are just sitting around anyway, make way for new instruments.

Which AAS systems?

-Shimadzu AA7000, AA6300
-Perkin Elmer PinAAcle 500, 900 series and Perkin Elmer AAnalyst series
-Varian AA220 FS, AA240 FS, AA280FS 
-Agilent 200 Series AA Systems

Small laboratories in continents such as: Africa, Asia or the Middle East are satisfied with equipment, which has already been written off here.
Together with you, Labrecycling makes these people happy and contributes to a circular economy. 
We therefore often say, it's a win-win-win situation. 

Will you help Labrecycling get an AAS?

What we ask of you......, Mail or WhatsApp photos with a short description. It will only take you a few minutes. You will hear within a day whether we can take over the device from you.

I give my AAS a second life, I sell this AAS to Labrecycling 

    I am giving my AAS a second life

We need this information:

1. Which make and model.
2. Detailed photo or photos.
3. Year of purchase.
4. Is PC and software included?

Help us to care together for our fellow man and a better environment.
Throwing it away is a waste, give it a 2nd chance.

What is AAS?

Atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) is an analytical technique that uses selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation by atoms. A sample is pulverised in a flame. A lamp is then used to emit light into the flame. The emitted light is absorbed by the atoms in the flame. The degree of absorption is determined by the concentration of atoms in the flame and therefore also by the concentration of atoms in the sample.
With this analytical technique, metal atoms are measured. The magnitude in which metals can be measured is in the order of ppm, i.e. mg/litre or μg/ml.

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