Ollie the trainee

Picking up the equipment

Labreycling was able to buy a nice used Waters HPLC and it will be collected from the customer. Ollie looks great to join us and helps us load and unload the device.

It seems fantastic to Ollie to come along and helps us load and unload the device.


Cleans & Repairs

After getting the HPLC, there are many other jobs to be done such as: repairing, cleaning and testing of chromatography equipment. 

Ollie is smart and immediately he starts repairing.


Test & Packing in

The Agilent HPLC 1100 series has been tested and it works! 

For today there are 2 Shimadzu GC's  ready for shipment, but a crate must first be cut to size and screwed together. And Ollie, won't be Ollie, to help out here too.


But to prepare the shipment, a lot of administration has to be done first. 

Ollie is curious and really wants to see what is being done.


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