Refurbished chromatography system

What is refurbished chromatography equipment?

This is all the chromatography equipment, which is overhauled. The devices are checked, cleaned and defective parts are replaced by original parts (where these are still available) or B brands.

What is Chromatography?

Is a separation technique that allows mixtures of different substances to be separated into their constituent components. The principle on which chromatography is based was discovered by Russian biologist Mikhail Tsvet. In 1906, he tried to separate different plant pigments. These are coloured compounds, hence the name chromatography. The principle is used, among other things, in research into the colouring of foodstuffs.

Your benefits for buying used/refurbished

  1. You save money, 30- 80% compares with the market value.
  2. Spare parts and modules are exchangeable.
  3. Save money for your next purchases.
  4. In one place, you can choose and compare betweed several leading major brands
  5. With your help, we are building a better environment and well-being. 
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