Searching for a new HPLC? Or maybe...........

After years of good service, the time has come. Unfortunately, you have to say goodbye to your old familiar HPLC. What to do now? You start looking, you sit down at the computer and come across many different fabrics, linked to various high prices.

And then... you discover that you can also buy a very good reconditioned HPLC, which is up to 80% cheaper, with guarantee and new tubing. 

Refurbished HPLC

Your laboratory is forced to spend less on a well-functioning system, but would like to see good results. Your old instrument is too outdated. You would prefer to purchase a new HPLC, but one from a large and reliable brand. 

Unfortunately, they are too expensive and you are faced with the choice... a new one but from a lesser brand or a good working reconditioned one from, for example, Agilent or Waters

Used hplc systems for sale

There are several suppliers on the market in reconditioned chromatography instruments. Labrecycling in the Netherlands is a reliable partner. In addition to reconditioned instruments, they also sell used instruments in good condition. 

Sell used HPLC

You have an HPLC which is just 10 years old and have recently bought a new HPLC. And then... there is an HPLC in the warehouse, nothing is done anymore. Throw it away? NO! Give it a second life and contact Labrecycling. They will give your old chromatography instrument a second chance. You will receive a nice sum of money and the HPLC will have a second life.

All about Labrecycling®

We buy used chromatography equipment from laboratories in The Netherlands and other Europian countries. 
Labrecycling® offers you the chromatography systems like GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, AAS & ICP-MS/ ICP-OES in the condition:

  • AS = IS
  • Cleaned + repaired
  • Cleaned in- and outside + refurbished 

Labrecycling® is a registered trademark.

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