Hoofdafbeelding AB Sciex API 4000

AB Sciex API 4000

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The AB SCIEX API 4000TM LC/MS/MS system uses the TurboIonSpray® probe and the atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) probe to produce ions from liquid samples. The term LC/MS/MS, applied to the triple quadrupole series, is a generic label for the combined analytical processes of liquid separation and subsequent mass spectrometric analysis. The instrument is configured to perform complex MS/MS analysis, but it can, for less rigorous analytical requirements, perform single MS (LC/MS) scans.

AB Sciex API 4000

The API 4000 LC/MS/MS system allows all modes of MS/MS operation for full characterization of biopharmaceutical compounds and the specificity needed for new drug development. For pharmaceutical and pharmakinetic samples, MS/MS has the sensitivity and specificity required to analyze hundreds of samples per day without extensive sample preparation.

For peptides and proteins, molecular weights can be determined with accuracies better than 0.01% at 200 kDa.

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