Labrecycling & Corbion donate money to the charity Trussell Trust

Labrecycling & Corbion donate money to the charity Trussell Trust

In recent weeks, Corbion sold Labrecycling a used Agilent GC/MS system. Much of the proceeds were donated to de Voedselbank in Gorinchem.

We at Labrecycling think it is wonderful to see that a used GC/MS not only gets a 2nd life, but also that a great foundation like the Food Bank receives a nice donation. Marianne Iking
from Corbion contacted Labrecycling and wanted to give her old Agilent GC/MS a 2nd life. In addition to wanting a 2nd life, Corbion wanted to make a nice donation to the Food Bank. Marianne Iking expressed her desire to give those on a small budget a helping hand.  

" Wow, this just gives me pause! 
What a fantastic donation. Our thanks are very big!" 
Leontien van Honk, board member de Voedselbank in Gorinchem. 

- Together with you, Labrecycling is going for a 5 x Win situation.-.
(You, Our Planet, The Foundation, Our Customer and We)


You work at an organization that would like to see the proceeds from the old chromatography instrument donated to charity. This is of course always possible. 

Labrecycling will select a foundation in consultation with you and donate a sum of money to this foundation. You do not have to do anything for this, only of course mail the name of the organization/foundation. 


Do you have an Agilent 1100 - 12000 or 1260 HPLC that you no longer do anything with? Or the device is still being depreciated this year. If so, please contact us. 

Please email Labrecycling the following information:
- The model 
- PC & software or not 
- Detailed pictures

Ps. Do you have another chromatography system standing? If so, please contact us as well!

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