Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 1220 Infinity LC (G4286B)

Agilent 1220 Infinity LC (G4286B)

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Agilent 1220 Infinity LC (G4286B)

This compendium is a collection of technical information and applications performed on the Agilent 1220 Infinity LC and its predecessor the Agilent 1120 Compact LC. 
Based on well-established Agilent LC technologies, the 1120 Compact LC featured simplified functions and easy-to-use software to facilitate conventional HPLC up to 400 bar. The 1120 Compact LC was mainly deployed in small to medium sized quality control or research laboratories. 
A customer survey conducted by Agilent revealed the requirements for more instrument flexibility and a wider power range. In response Agilent introduced the 1220 Infinity LC, leveraging the latest technology by sharing components with the Agilent 1260 Infinity LC while maintaining excellent value and compatibility. 

Key Features 1220 Infinity LC

  •  Pressure range up to 600 bar – for UHPLC in combination with Agilent Poroshell columns
  • Integrated diode array detector with spectra analysis – for impurity characterization 
  • Hardware upgrade paths such as isocratic to gradient for higher method flexibility, manual to automated injection for higher sample throughput, and a click-in column oven for better chromatographic reproducibility 
  • Seamless addition of any Agilent LC detector or analytical-scale fraction collector, including integrated software control 
  • Scalable software choices from basic workstation packages to distributed client/server solutions, including options for regulatory compliance 
  • A special mounting plate absorbs shocks and vibration during transport or operation for onsite analysis in remote areas 


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