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The 280FS AA (G8434AA) features automatic lamp selection, a programmable gas box, and D2 background correction, and can be fitted with a full range of AA accessories to further extend its capabilities.

  • Get the ultimate performance from a system manufactured using premium optical components, designed for those wanting the best
  • Reduce your analysis time by determining the concentration of all elements from a single aspiration
  •  Get accurate results by determining 10 elements per sample in less than 2 minutes without sacrificing data quality
  • Improve precision and accuracy with online internal standard corrections for physical differences, sample preparation errors, or drift
  • Increase sensitivity by 40% utilizing the UltrAA lamps while reducing noise and lowering your detection limits
  • Simplify your analysis by taking the guess work out of the method development with the SpectrAA comprehensive cookbook
  • Tune your flame AA performance with the Mark 7 atomization system
  • Mark 7 atomization system can achieve high sensitivity – typically greater than 0.9 Abs from 5 mg/L Cu

source: https://www.agilent.com/en/product/atomic-spectroscopy/atomic-absorption/flame-atomic-absorption-instruments/280fs-aa


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