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Agilent 6890N + FPD & FID

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The Agilent 6890N is a state-of-the- art gas chromatograph that provides superior performance for all applications. Key to its performance is the use of advanced electronic pneumatic control (EPC) modules and high performance temperature control. Each EPC unit is optimized for its intended use with a specific inlet and detector option.

Agilent 6890N + FPD & FID

Temperature control of the 6890N oven allows for fast and precise temperature ramping. Overall thermal performance provides optimal chromatography including peak symmetry, retention time repeatability, and retention index accuracy. The combination of precise pneumatic control and accurate temperature control leads to outstanding retention time repeatability, the basis for all chromatographic measurement.

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

An FID uses a flame to ionize organic compounds containing carbon. Following separation of the sample in the GC column, each analyte passes through a flame, fuelled by hydrogen and zero air, which ionises the carbon atoms.

  • Minimum detectable level (for tridecane): <1.8 pg C/s.
  • Linear dynamic range: >107 (±10%). Digital data makes entire range available without range changes.
  • Data rates up to 200 Hz accom- modate peaks as narrow as 25 ms at half height.
  • Standard EPC for three gases:
    • Air: 0 to 800 mL/min
    • H2: 0 to 100 mL/min
    • Makeup gas (N2 or He): 0 to 100 mL/min
  • Available in two versions: capillary column optimized or adaptable for either packed or capillary columns.
  • Flame out detection and automatic reignition.
  • Grounded jet.
  • 450 °C maximum operating temperature.

Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)

FPS is a technique used to analyse sulphur or phosphorous containing compounds and metals such as tin, boron, arsenic and chromium. An FPD uses a Hydrogen/Air flame into which the sample is passed.

  • MDL: <60 fg P/s, <3.6 pg S/s with methylparathion.
  • Dynamic range: >103 S, 104 P with methylparathion.
  • Selectivity: 106 gS/gC, 106 gP/gC.
  • Data acquisition rate: up to 200 Hz.
  • Standard EPC for three gases:
    • Air: 0 to 130 mL/min
    • H2: 0 to 250 mL/min
    • Makeup gas: 0 to 130 mL/min
  • Available in single- or dual- wavelength versions.
  • 250 °C maximum operating temperature.

The FPD is similar to the FID except that the detector body is lighttight and a second flow ofhydrogen purges the optical path between the photomultiplier tube (PMT) and the hydrogen-rich flame. ... The Dual FPD detector is equipped with two PMTs and filters for the simultaneous detection of sulfur and phosphorus.

source: Agilent 6890N Network Gas Chromatograph Data Sheet


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