Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 7500 series (G3152A)

Agilent 7500 series (G3152A)

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The Agilent Technologies 7500 Series ICP- MS (Agilent 7500) is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP- MS). It can measure trace elements as low as one part per trillion (ppt) or quickly scan more than 70 elements to determine the composition of an unknown sample. The MassHunter Workstation (or ChemStation) software automates the analysis and accurately interprets the resulting data. 

Agilent ICP-MS 7500CE Series (G3152A)

The general system consists of the following instruments. The auto sampler and the water chiller are optional. 

  • ICP- MS - Instrument Agilent 7500 ICP- MS 
  • Chemstation Workstation - controls the Agilent 7500 ICP- MS, acquires data, and analyzes the acquired data. 
  • Rotary Pump - One or two rotary pumps are used depending on the options ordered. The rotary pump is used as the backing pump for the turbomolecular pump. It is also used to pump the interface chamber in analysis mode. The electric power for the pump is supplied from the Agilent 7500. Chemstation Workstation controls the pump’s ON/OFF control. 
  • Autosampler - Chemstation Workstation controls the autosampler. For more information, refer to the autosampler manual. 
  • Water Chiller - The water chiller supplies the cooling water to cool the Peltier cooler (spray chamber cooler), the sampling cone, the skimmer cone, the RF amp and the work coil. 

Agilent 7500 – G3152A

Condition: used - pre-owned  
Producent: Agilent Technologies
Software: PC – Chemstation.

Used – Pre-owned / Refurbished Agilent GC/MS system?

There are a lot of different used and refurbished Agilent / HP GC-MSD systems for sale at Labrecycling. Agilent ICP-MS 7500 – is in great shape. It can be bought as used or refurbished system.

Do you want refurbished Agilent 7500 – G3152A?

Labrecycling will test the system. The instrument is cleaned (inside and outside) and decontaminated. Broken and spare parts are replaced by original parts of the manufacturer. The revised MS system is provided with tune report and test certificate according factory settings. It comes with computer, software and with 3 months warranty. A longer guarantee period is available. 

Do you want save money by buying used Agilent 7500 – G3152A? 

Please contact Labrecycling to discuss the possibilities. You can maintain and validate the equipment by yourselfs. Whether you are looking for a chromatography system, we have in stock or can supply on a short term.


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