Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 7694E Headspace Autosampler

Agilent 7694E Headspace Autosampler

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The Agilent7694E headspace sampleris an economical, easy-to-use, robust headspace device, that allows analysis of volatile compounds in almost any matrix. This stand-alone sampler combines low purchase and maintenance costs with excellent performance. Hereby the G1883 meets the most asked laboratory requirements.

G1883 Headspace autosampler G7694E


  • Interface suitable for any gas chromatograph for maximum flexibility.
  • Constant heating time, one vial at a time, so that each of samples with the same parameters given the exact same treatment.
  • Inert nickel sample pad provides protection against sample transfer, loss or degradation.
  • Automated process for processing of up to 12 samples.
  • Automated process for sampling parameters to adjust during the development of the method.
  • Robust, simple in design for continuous use in virtually any lab environment.
  • User-friendly operation, allowing users to quickly set parameters and methods, can saved by pressing just one button.
  • Upload up to four methods for comprehensive productivity.
  • Shaking of the vails allows for representative samples.

The instrument is completely checked by a certified service company.

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