Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G1315B DAD 1200 HPLC series

Agilent G1315B DAD 1200 HPLC series

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The detector is designed for highest optical performance, GLP compliance and easy maintenance.

Agilent G1315B DAD 


  • long-life deuterium and tungsten lamps for highest intensity and lowest detection limit over a wavelength range of 190–950 nm,
  • no loss in sensitivity for up to five wavelengths simultaneous,
  • programmable slit from 1–16 nm for complete optimization of sensitivity,linearity and spectral resolution,
  • optional flow-cell cartridges with I.D. tag (standard 10 mm 13 μl, semi-micro 6 mm 5 μl, micro 3 mm 2 μl, 80 nl/500 nl 10 mm, high pressure 10 mm 1.7 μl and prep-cells) are available and can be used depending on the application needs,
  • easy front access to lamps and flow cell for fast replacement, and
  • built-in holmium oxide filter for fast wavelength accuracy verification,
  • built-in temperature control for improved baseline stability (G1315B DAD and G1365B MWD).

Agilent G1315A - Series 1100

Condition: refurbished
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packerd/ Agilent Technologies
Software: PC – Chemstation


HPLC Detectors DAD
Agilent HPLC system Agilent 1200 series
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