Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G1367B HiP ALS Autosampler 1200 HPLC series

Agilent G1367B HiP ALS Autosampler 1200 HPLC series

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The Agilent 1200 Series G1367B High Performance Autosampler adds maximum flexibility and fast injection cycles, whenever high sample throughput and speed of analysis are required.  The standard metering device (for the G1367B) provides injection volumes from 0.1–100 μl. A multi-draw kit extends the range up to 1500 μl.

Agilent 1200 Series G1367B Hip-ALS High Performance Autosampler


  • Increased sample injection speed for high sample throughput
  • Overlapped injections for increased productivity
  • Minimal delay volumes for rapid gradients and fast equilibration when bypassing the autosampler after sample injection.
  • Flexible and convenient sample handling with different types of sample containers.
  • Using 384-well plates allows to process up to 768 samples unattended.

Agilent G1367B HiP - Series 1200

Condition: used/ pre-owned - refurbished
Manufacterer: Agilent Technologies
Software: PC – Chemstation

This refurbished Agilent 1200 HiP-ALS is in great shape. It has been tested on working according factory settings by certified service engineers. The instrument is cleaned (inside and outside) and decontaminated. Broken and spare parts are replaced by original parts of the manufacturer. It comes with warranty. A longer guarantee period is available. 

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