Hoofdafbeelding Agilent G1379A Degasser HPLC 1100 series

Agilent G1379A Degasser HPLC 1100 series

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The microvacuum degasser G1379A consists of a 4-channel vacuum container, including 4 microstructured membranes, and a vacuum pump.

G1379A Degasser 1100 HPLC module 

When the micro-vacuum degasser is switched on, the control circuit switches on the vacuum pump that generates a vacuum in the vacuum container. The pressure is measured by a pressure sensor. The microvacuum degasser maintains the vacuum by switching the vacuum pump on and off, depending on the signal from the pressure sensor.

The LC pump sucks the solvents out of the bottles through the special tubular plastic membranes of the vacuum container. As the solvents pass through the vacuum tubes, any dissolved gas penetrates the solvents through the membranes into the vacuum container. When leaving the outlets of the microvacuum degasser, the solvents are almost completely degassed.

Agilent G1379B - Series 1100

Conditie: gebruikt - used/ pre-owned - refurbished
Producent: Agilent
Software: PC – Chemstation

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