Hoofdafbeelding Agilent GC/MS 7890B -5977B MSD

Agilent GC/MS 7890B -5977B MSD

Article nr.: 9023
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Wide flow range
Software friendly
Fast oven heating and cooling



Agilent GC/ MS G3440B - 7890B GC 

  • Capillary S/SL inlet with EPC
  • FID with EPC 
  • Mass spec interface
  • Three channels of auxiliary EPC
  • 6 port valve gas sample valve
  • 6 port valve two stream selection 
  • Heated valve box
  • Microfluidics splitter with make up gas

5977B MSD bundle with stainless steel source

Turbo Pump 

G6680A LTM series II 2 channel 5 inch 2 powers

G8131A Unity -xr with Air Server Xr Has Air Server 3


GC Modules Single Split/Splitless
GC Detector FID
Agilent MSD 5977B
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