Hoofdafbeelding AGILENT SPS 4 Autosampler G8410A

AGILENT SPS 4 Autosampler G8410A

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The Agilent SPS 4 autosampler, represents the state-of-the-art in autosampler design and is the latest generation of autosamplers from Agilent. The Agilent SPS 4 is a random access, single probe autosampler, providing front-end automation for several Agilent instruments.

The Agilent SPS 4 can accommodate a variety of fixtures, including a standards rack, four sample racks, a wash reservoir, a sample probe and other accessories.

Depending on your application, there is a choice of options. Note that “diameters” in the following list mean outside diameters (OD):

Standards Rack:

  • 34 well rack (12 wells for 29 mm diameter tubes + 22 wells for 17 mm diameter tubes)
  • 5 well rack (for 61 mm diameter bottles)

Flat Pack Sample Racks:

  • 21 position rack for 30 mm diameter tubes 
  • 24 position rack for 25 mm diameter tubes 
  • 40 position rack for 20 mm diameter tubes 
  • 60 position rack for 17 mm diameter tubes 
  • 90 position rack for 13 mm diameter tubes
  • Four 96-well microtiter plates with microtiter plate adapter 

Wash Reservoir: single or dual port
Sample Probe: range of different probe types, probe materials and internal diameters

*Source: Agilent SPS 4 Autosampler User’s Guide


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