Hoofdafbeelding CTC Analytics HTS PAL system

CTC Analytics HTS PAL system

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Injection machines are a handy tool for sample preparation. The sample exchangers are suitable for connection to a GC - HPLC system, possibly linked to an MS. From 8 samples to several hundred samples, belongs to the possibility. The injection robot can perform various techniques such as Thermal Desorption, Pryolysis, Purge & Trap.

CTC Analytics Auto Injectionsampler

Producer: CTC Analytics
Model: HTS PAL
Condition: used

Injection machines often have standard configuration, but there are also customer-specific solutions. Labrecycling buys injection robot as it is and gives it a 2nd life. Manufacturers such as CTC Analytics & Gerstel have launched various models of which the PAL-HTS is one of them.

Used or overhauled Injectionsampler?

Labrecycling's goal is give used and refurbished chromatografy systems a 2nd live.

To guarantee durability and reliability, all our refurbished CTC systems are tested to meet the manufacturer's requirements. If you want to save money, a working used injection robot system is also interesting. You can maintain and validate your equipment yourself.

Sell your old system?

After installation and validation of a new GC or HPLC with sample changer, your old laboratory device will be switched off and no longer used. Labrecycling is nevertheless interested in the written off, old-fashioned or vintage robot systems.



Autosamplers PAL HTS
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