Hoofdafbeelding G1330B Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostat

G1330B Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostat

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Agilent G1330B 1290 Infinity Thermostat

The G1330B Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostat is designed for use with other modules of the Agilent 1200 Infinity Series or with other LC systems if adequate remote control inputs and outputs are available. The thermostat is controlled from the Agilent 1200 Infinity Series Instant Pilot or from your Agilent control software for LC systems.

The specially-designed thermostattable sample trays holds either 100 × 1.8 mL vials or two wellplates and 10 × 1.8 mL vials.

The thermostat contains Peltier-controlled heat exchangers. A fan draws air from the area above the sample vial tray of the autosampler and then blows it through the fins of the cooling/heating module. There it is cooled or heated according to the temperature setting. The thermostatted air enters the autosampler through a recess underneath the specially-designed sample tray. The air is then distributed evenly through the sample tray ensuring effective temperature control, regardless of how many vials are in the tray.

In cooling mode condensation is generated on the cooled side of the Peltier elements. This condensed water is safely guided into the leak system.

Source: User Manual Agilent 1290 Infinity Thermostat


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