I sell my HPLC 2023

Nowadays it is important te think of our future. What can I do to make my contribution in the chromatography world?

My HPLC system gets a 2nd life

I got a HPLC system in my laboratory and we want to replace it. This old one has no use anymore. What to do with it? I want to give it a 2nd life. Labrecycling will buy it from you and gives it a new life in Africa, Asia, Middle East or South america. 

My benefits to sell my HPLC 



How to offer my HPLC to Labrecycling


You just have to send us an-email or WhatsApp.

Please let us know:

1. Which manufacturer and model system of the HPLC

2. Detailed photosof the HPLC

3. Year of purchaseof the HPLC

4. Are PC and software included

5. If available: the latest tune report and service report

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