New GC/MS or refurbished GC/MS?

Your GC/MS system is some years older and does not detect adequately. You look around, ask representatives of different brands and do some price comparisons.

The purchase of a new GC/MS starts at 70,000 euros. That is a large purchase and perhaps a little above your budget.

Good alternative for a new one is a refurbished GC/MS.

You can also choose to buy a used or refurbished system. The price is considerably lower than the new price. Would you like to know more? Click on this link and maybe we of Labrecycling can help you. 

You want to sell an old GC/MS?

You would like to receive money for your old GC/MS and also like to be sustainable. Look no further, but click on this link. We at Labrecycling would like to be of further service to you.


All about Labrecyling®

We buy used chromatography equipment from laboratories in The Netherlands and other Europian countries. 
Labrecyling® offers you the chromatography systems like GC, HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS, AAS & ICP-MS/ ICP-OES in the condition:

  • AS = IS
  • Cleaned + repaired
  • Cleaned in- and outside + refurbished 

Labrecycling® is a registered trademark.


At the end of the year, we have reduced our outlet prices even more.

Grab your chance at Outlet Labrecycling!

Sometimes we get lucky and have laboratory instruments on sale. Not all of these are our main sale items.

Want to know what the low prices are? Click the button below the text.

Sometimes we get lucky and have laboratory instruments on offer. These are the parts as well as equipment we do not specialise in. 

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