What is refurbished chromatography?

Refurbished Chromatography

With this term we mean all chromatography equipment, which is overhauled. The devices are checked, cleaned and defective parts are replaced by original parts (where these are still available) or B brands.


is a separation technique that allows mixtures of different substances to be separated into their constituent components. The principle on which chromatography is based was discovered by Russian biologist Mikhail Tsvet. In 1906, he tried to separate different plant pigments. These are coloured compounds, hence the name chromatography. The principle is used, among other things, in research into the colouring of foodstuffs.

Paper chromatography and thin-layer chromatography

  • Paper chromatography

The simplest form of chromatography is paper chromatography. This form is actually familiar to anyone who has created an ink blot on a piece of paper. Blotting paper or a coffee filter works particularly well. When a pen is kept in contact with the paper for a while, the ink liquid gradually draws into the paper, but the dyes in the ink do not always travel at the same speed. The result is often several bands of different colours.

  • Thin-layer chromatography (DLC)

Works according to the same principle as paper chromatography: a plate to which a stationary phase (usually SiO2) has been applied is placed in a bottom layer of running liquid, the liquid is sucked up and the sample is taken along. DLC is mainly used for more professional applications.



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