Hoofdafbeelding Perkin Elmer ICP-OES Optima 7300 DV

Perkin Elmer ICP-OES Optima 7300 DV

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The Optima 7300 DV represents the ultimate ICP-OES instrument in terms of optimizing both performance and productivity. Capable of determining more than 73 elements in seconds, the Optima 7300 DV can run more samples per hour at a lower cost per analysis than any other system. Sample throughput is maximized in all areas of the instrument, from the sample intro- duction system to the unique, automated sample integration modes.

With its dual viewing of the plasma and two solid- state detectors (one for UV, one for Vis), the Perkin Elmer Optima 7300 DV offers superior detection limits and true simultaneous measurements, ideal for laboratories with moderate to heavy loads of difficult samples.

Source: Perkin Elmer 

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