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Perkin Elmer Optima 8300

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The Optima tm 8000 ICP-OES uses a large area, dual backside-illuminated charge- coupled device (DBI-CCD) detector measuring 3 by 5.5 mm with two independent arrays, each with 176 by 64 pixels The detector is a backside- thinned CCD array, where the detector chip is thinned to a few microns and illuminated from the rear. This prevents absorption by control gates and maximizes quantum efficiency without the use of a fluorescent coating. The result is exceptional quantum efficiency over the entire wavelength range, particularly at the lower UV wavelengths. And, the large active area of the detector allows the use of a more efficient optical system for exceptional analytical performance. 

The detector is divided into two segments, one for the analytical measurement and a second to continuously monitor a reference spectrum. 

Key Benefits 

  • Superior quantum efficiency, for enhanced analytical performance and superior detection limits
  • Simultaneous background correction, further improving analytical accuracy and detection limits 
  • Dynamic wavelength stabilization, increasing analytical reproducibility and reliability

Flat Plate Plasma Technology—Generates

  1. a robust, maintenance-free, matrix-tolerant plasma using half the argon of traditional load-coil technologies.
  2. Adjustable Torch Cassette—Makes it easy to optimize performance—even with the most difficult samples—and offers simple maintenance.
  3. Patented Dual View—Offers radial and axial viewing of the plasma for effective measurement of elements with high and low concentrations in the same method.
  4. Shear Gas System—Removes the cool tail plume of the plasmato eliminate interferences and minimizes the need for ionization suppressants. With no cones to clean or expensive high extraction systems, the use of shear gas is maintenance-free and optimizes performance in the axial view.





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