Hoofdafbeelding Perkin Elmer RID 200 series

Perkin Elmer RID 200 series

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Sometimes Labrecycling can sell RID from Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer 200 series Refractive Index detector

The PerkinElmer Series 200 RI Detector is a highly stable and sensitive LC and GPC detector for use with compounds that do not have high absorptivity in the UV range, such as polymers, sugars,organic acids, and triglycerides

.The Series 200, with its deflection-type design, allows sensitive detection of these compounds with low noise and drift characteristics.

This advanced detector features internal temperature control of the flow cell, offset adjustment, autozero, and autopurge of the reference cell – all with easy keypad entry. The RID makes it easy to perform unattended routine analyses or methods development. The Series 200 RI detector is compatible with all PerkinElmer LC components and data systems.


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