Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu RF-20A xs Prominence Fluorescence Detector

Shimadzu RF-20A xs Prominence Fluorescence Detector

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The Prominence RF-20AXS is equipped with a temperature-controlled cell to ensure stable analysis even if the ambient temperature fluctuates. Further, temperature control (with a cooling function) is provided not only for the detector cell, but for the photomultiplier tube (PMT) as well. Thus, even if the ambient temperature fluctuates widely, the detector is maintained at a constant, near-ambient temperature which provides excellent repeatability without loss of sensitivity.

Shimadzu RF-20A xs 

In addition to the improved sensitivity and stability provided with this temperature control in the vicinity of ambient temperature, even further improved sensitivity is achieved with the newly designed optical system and detector cell in the RF-20AXS. As a result, the quantity of light through the flow cell is about 100 times that compared with the previous RF-10AXL model, offering a water Raman S/N ratio of at least 2000 for the RF-20AXS. These features are what make this detector a powerful tool, especially when trace- level detection is required.


source: Shimadzu RF-20A Fluorence  Detector Basics and Applications, technical report vol.36


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