Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu AA-7000 + ASC-7000 autosampler

Shimadzu AA-7000 + ASC-7000 autosampler

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Shimadzu AA-7000 + ASC-7000 autosampler 

AA-7000 Series supports a wide range of analysis applications.

  • Environment

Seawater, river water, effluent, sludge, air-borne dust

  • Metals, Semiconductors, Ceramics

Metals, minerals, glass, ceramics, IC chips

  • Petroleum, Chemicals, Polymers

Petroleum, oil, catalysts, chemical products, biodiesel

  • Medical, Biology, Pharmaceuticals

Blood, animals, plants, drugs, food products

Optics AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Wavelength range185.0 to 900.0 nm
MonochromatorAberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mounting, number of grating grooves: 1800 lines/mm, Focal length: 300 mm
Bandwith0.2, 0.7, 1.3, 2.0L nm (4-step automatic switching)
DetectorPhotomultiplier tube
OpticsOptical double-Beam
Background correction method

BGC SR (high speed self-reversal method) (185.0 to 900.0 nm)

BGC D2 (D2 lamp method) (185.0 to 430.0 nm)

Number of HC lamps

6-lamp turret, 2 lamps simultaneously lit (1 for measurement, 1 warming up for next measurement)

Used – Pre-owned / Refurbished AA-7000
There are a lot of difference between used and refurbished equipment at Labrecycling. The AA-7000F can be bought as used or refurbished system. To ensure durability and reliability, all our refurbished Shimadzu AAS systems are tested to meet manufacturer requirements.  If you want to save money, a working used  could also be interesting. The AAS comes in working condition but you have to maintain and validate the equipment by yourselves.

Sell your AA-7000
After installation and validation of a new AA-7000 system, your old laboratory device will be switched off and no longer been used. Labrecycling is nevertheless interested in the amortized, old-fashioned or vintage Shimadzu Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

In addition to AAS systems, GC, GC/MS, LC/MS, HPLC & ICP-MS are laboratory instruments that Labrecycling is also interested in. You can sell it to us to give your old systems a new life.

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