Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu CTO-20A Prominence Column Oven

Shimadzu CTO-20A Prominence Column Oven

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Large-capacity, forced hot-air circulation units, the CTO-20A/20AC HPLC column ovens precisely regulate the temperature around the column. Automatic fan-speed control varies with the set temperature to provide stable analysis that is not influenced by the ambient temperature.

CTO-20A - Precise Temperature Control

A forced-air circulation-type column oven, the CTO-20A can regulate the temperature from 10ºC above room temperature to 85ºC. Rapid temperature equilibration allows complex temperature programs incorporating linear and/or step-wise increases and decreases in temperature.

Precise Temperature Regulation, CTO-20A

The interior of the oven is precisely regulated with a high-performance thermistor. The temperature is calibrated at two different temperatures to ensure a high level of temperature accuracy.
Large Inner Space
In addition to the column, other system parts can be accommodated.

These include:

  • Manual injector
  • Gradient mixer
  • High-pressure flow-line selection valves (2-position/6-port valves or 6-position/7-port valves, two in total)
  • Conductivity-detection cell block
  • Pre-or post-column reaction coil


Temperature-control methodForced-air circulation
Cooling methodNone
Temperature-setting range4oC to 85oC
Temperature-control precision0.1oC max.
Temperature-control range10oC above room temperature to 85oC
Storage capacity10 columns, max 25 cm length
Storable devices2 manual injectors, gradient mixer, 2 high-pressure flow-line selection valves, etc.
Time programLinear temperature programs supported
Safety measuresSolvent sensor, temperature fuse, temperature upper limit
Operating temperature range4oC to 35oC
Dimensions, weight260 (W) x 415 (H) x 420 (D) mm, 20 kg
Power requirements100 VAC, 500 VA, 50/60 Hz

Source: https://www.ssi.shimadzu.com/products/liquid-chromatography/cto-20a-20ac.html


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