Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu CTO -20AC Prominence

Shimadzu CTO -20AC Prominence

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CTO - 20AC Prominence 

The CTO-20AC precisely regultaes the temperature around the column and supports stable analysis is not influenced by the ambient temperature. In addition to the column, various other parts and units can be accommodated, including a manual injector, gradient mixer, high-pressure flow-line selction valves, a conductivity-detection cell block, and a rection coil. 

This model is equipped with a cooling function. Using an electronic cooler, it can regulate the temperature in a large range going from 10ºC room temperature to 85ºC .

Shimadzu CTO -20AC Prominence 

Temperature-control methodForced air-circulation
Cooling methodElectronic cooling
Temperature setting range4ºC-85ºC 
Temperature-control precision0,1 ºC max.
Temperature-control range10ºC below room temperature to 85ºC 
Starage capacity220 (W) x 365 (H) x 95 (D) mm
Storable devices2 manual injectors, gradient mixer, 2 high-pressure flow-line selection valves etc.
Time  programLinear temperature programs supported
Safety measuresSolvent sensor, temperature fuse, temperature upper limit
Operation temperature range4ºC-35ºC 
Dimensions, weight260 (W) x 314 (H) x 420 (D) mm, 23 kg.
Power requirementsAC 110V, 230V,100V, 50/60Hz
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