Hoofdafbeelding Shimadzu GC 2010

Shimadzu GC 2010

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Shimadzu GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph(GC) with AOC-20i Auto injector and FID detector, in excellent condition 


This unique instrument is in good condition.

The Shimadzu GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph enables reliable, high-precision trace analysis with outstanding repeatability, utilizing the full suite of detectors that feature best-in-class sensitivity.

Rapid oven cooling, high performance flow control and backflush technology allow the user to shorten analysis times greatly for significant gains in productivity. The full line-up of GC detectors has sensitivity specifications that are among the highest in the industry, ensuring quality data across a broad range of applications.

The high-sensitivity of the detectors was achieved by thorough cleaning of detector gas lines , with the incorporation of the highest quality electronic components and implementation of the latest electronic noise-reduction TechnologyWe also sell modules for a personal choossen configuration:

If this Shimadzu GC is not the right configuration? come incontact with us: e-mail,  Whatsapp or just call: +31614122525. We can supply the right solution for you.



GC Detector FID
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