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Shimadzu RF-10A xl HPLC

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RF-10A xl

The RF-10A xl offers excellent sensitivity, wavelength accurancy and reproducibility as well as comprehensive GLP/GMP support functions to further increase the reliability of analysis data. The wavelength scanning function determines the optimum detection wavelenght for target constituents, and highly sensitive, efficient, and simultaneous analyses of multiple constituents is performed using the wavelenght programming function. 

Shimadzu RF-10Axl

 RF-10Axl (228-45096-xx)
Light source150-W xenon lamp
SpectrometerBlazed, holographic, concave diffraction grating, F/2.4
Wavelength range200 to 650nm (option: 200 to 750nm * 1 or 200 to 900 nm *2)
Bandwidth15 nm (on both excitation and emission sides)
Wavelenght accuracy ± 2nm
Detection sensitivity ±0,2nm
Cell12µL; 2Mpa (approx. 20kgf/cm²); SUS316, silia, PTFE
Wavelenght scanningScanning for excitation and emission wavelenghts, differential spectra possible
ProgrammingTime programs for wavelength conditions of up to 32 steps can be created.
Operation temperature range4°C to 35°C
Dimensions, weight60 (W) x 205 (H) x 520 (D) mm, 17 kg
Power requirements AC110V, 230V, 350VA, 50/60 Hz


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