Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Finnigan Interscience GC/MS - Finnigan Trace DSQ - Combi Pal

Thermo Finnigan Interscience GC/MS - Finnigan Trace DSQ - Combi Pal

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Thermo Electron Corporation introduces the FinniganTM TRACETM DSQTM, an instrument that will change the way you think about GC/MS analysis.This benchtop system takes trace level analysis into the future –
with a design innovation that offers a fundamental improvement in your analytical results.

Thermo scientists have found a way to virtually eliminate source noise before it reaches the MS detector. Inserting a curved quadrupole pre-filter provides a path that excited neutrals cannot navigate. They are effectively removed and can no longer add noise to the baseline. By eliminating, rather than masking the noise, Finnigan TRACE DSQ obtains improved detectivity without sacrificing dynamic range or spectral integrity.

The DSQ’s extended dynamic range provides analytical precision at the trace femtogram level as well as the high nanogram level. In addition to quantitative dynamic range, the GC/MS must provide spectral consistency over the same dynamic range to produce confident library searching regardless of the level. The Finnigan TRACE DSQ delivers this by combining the noise reduction of the curved pre-filter with the robust performance of the ion source.



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