Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000 RS Column Compartment UHPLC+ focused TCC-3000RS

Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000 RS Column Compartment UHPLC+ focused TCC-3000RS

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Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate TCC-3000RS

The fundamental requirement for a column compartment for liquid chromatography applications is the ability to maintain the preset temperature as precisely as possible. However, for temperature equalization, temperature stability is more important than the absolute precision of the setting. The TCC contains advanced electronic circuitry that maintains the temperature with a precision of ±0.1 °C.

The thermo-optimized design of the TCC reduces the time required to equilibrate the temperature between the column and the solvent.

Thermoelectric elements in the TCC heat up and cool down the columns. The heat exchanger inside the column chamber helps to bring the air and all of the components installed in the chamber to the desired temperature. If required, a pre-column heater can be installed in the column chamber.

All this ensures that

  • The temperature of the stationary phase remains constant over the total column length.
    The column and the solvent have the same temperature during the analysis.
  • Under these conditions, the analytical separation is performed at the nominal temperature. This minimizes fronting and tailing of peaks, as well as retention time variations.

In addition, a post-column cooler insert can be installed under the column chamber of the TCC-3000RS. Post-column cooling ensures that the temperature of the column eluate is reduced to a temperature appropriate for the subsequent detection. Post-column cooling minimizes the noise values and thus leads to optimal detection results.


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