Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific GC Trace 1310 & Injector AI 1310 & Autosampler AS 1310

Thermo Scientific GC Trace 1310 & Injector AI 1310 & Autosampler AS 1310

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Thermo Scientific GC 1310

The TRACE 1310 GC features a complete icon-driven touch-screen user interface ideal for direct instrument
control in larger routine and method development laboratories.
The Thermo Scientific TRACE 1310 Gas Chromatograph providing versatility and exceptional GC and GC-MS performance, it’s an ideal choice for larger production and QA/QC laboratories and research organizations. 
This system features a full touch screen for instrument control, status monitoring and on-instrument methods development. With its instant connect injectors and detectors, you can change modules in minutes to reconfigure for a different workflow, develop new methods and eliminate maintenance downtime.

Thermo Scientific Injector AI 1310 and Thermo Scientific Autosampler AS 1310

As the next evolution in sampling automation, the Thermo Scientific AI/AS 1310 Series autosampler is the optimum choice for gas chromatography liquid injections. Ranging from an 8-position system (AI 1310 Autoinjector) to a 155 sample capacity autosampler (AS 1310), these systems are engineered to meet the highest requirements of ruggedness and ease of use and fulfill the needs of both QA/QC and high-throughput environments.
Thermo Scientific™ AI/AS 1310 Series Autosampler will help you process more samples more quickly with its advanced design and usability features. The AS 1310 has  155-positions.

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