Hoofdafbeelding Thermo Scientific X-series 2

Thermo Scientific X-series 2

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Thermo Scientific ICP-MS X-series 2


  • This is a dual purpose device.
  • CCT Collision Cell Technology
  • Peltier cooling
  • Sample changer SC-2DX
  • FAST option for ESI SC2 sample changer
  • Water cooler TF 2500
  • Acoustic enclosure
  • Cover for autosampler
  • Rollable sump
  • Pressure regulator A38 incl. reducer
  • SIM detector DM302
  • Software included


Used – Pre-owned / Refurbished Thermo Scientific ICP-MS? 
There are different used and refurbished ICP-MS systems for sale at Labrecycling. This Thermo Scientific ICP-MS X-series 2 is in great shape. It can be bought as an used system.

Do you want save money by buying used ICP-MS? Please contact Labrecycling to discuss the possibilities. You can maintain and validate the equipment yourself. Whether we have the chromatografy systems already or can supply on a short term. 

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