Hoofdafbeelding Thermo TSQ Quantum XLS

Thermo TSQ Quantum XLS

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The TSQ Quantum XLS delivers unsurpassed performance with superior robustness and confidence, especially for complex matrix samples with the new DuraBrite IRIS ion source technology.

With best-in-class hyperbolic quadrupoles with highest ion transmission and innovative detection, the TSQ Quantum XLS is the most selective and sensitive GC-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer available today, while providing reliable results 24 × 7 in high- throughput working environments. State- of-the-art electronics and comprehensive diagnostics are hallmarks of our instruments. Data processing is masterfully facilitatedby the unique workflow oriented Thermo Scientific QuanLab Forms processing software, providing compliant reporting with international standards.

Features Thermo TSQ Quantum XLS

  • Highest sensitivity in class by DuraBriteTM IRIS source technology
  • Highest selectivity for complex matrix samples with enhanced mass resolution (H-SRM)
  • Analyze a virtually unlimited number of target compounds in one GC run, with two transitions each
  • EZ-method setup from Excel® tables with timed-SRM at compound retention times
  • Simultaneous quantitation and confirmation with QED-MS/MS
  • Exchangeable ion volumes – no need to vent the vacuum
  • Convertible between GC/MS and LC/MS
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