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Varian AA240FS

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The AA240FS (fast sequential) atomic absorption spectrometer brings the productivity and speed of analysis of ICP-OES to AA. Flame atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) is a spectroanalytical procedure for the quantitative determination of chemical elements using the absorption of optical radiation (light) by free atoms in the gaseous state. The technique is used for determining the concentration of a particular element (the analyte) in a sample.

Varian AA240FS

Just like an ICP-OES, the AA240FS (Fast Sequential) measures all elements in each sample, before progressing to subsequent samples. Conventional AA systems still determine one element at a time, repeating all samples for each element in turn. AA240FS provides complete results for each sample in minutes. 

The AA240FS is controlled by our acclaimed Windows based Worksheet software. Use multi-tasking capabilities to start today's analysis while simultaneously preparing a report on yesterday's results. And of course, the AA240FS can be fitted with the full range of Varian AA accessories to provide extra capabilities.

Features AA240FS

  • Fast Sequential capability
  • Full automation
  • PC control
  • Deuterium background operation 
  • True double beam optics
  • Integrated accessories (optional)

Varian AA240FS 

Condition: used/ pre-owned - refurbished
Manufacterer: Varian
Software: PC 

The Atomic Absorption Spectrophometer of Varian is in a good condition.

Used – Pre-owned / Refurbished SpectraAA FS AAS?

There are a lot of difference between used and refurbished equipment at Labrecycling. The SpectrAA 240FS device can be bought as used or refurbished module. To ensure durability and reliability, all our refurbished devices are tested to meet manufacturer requirements. 

If you want to save money, a working used 240FS should also be very interesting. The device comes in working condition but you have to do cleaning, maintenance and validation of the equipment by yourselves. 

Trade in or Sell your Varian SpectrAA240FS AAS?

After installation and validation of a new Varian AAS your old laboratory device will be switched off and no longer been used. Labrecycling is nevertheless interested in the amortized, old-fashioned or vintage AAS systems. When a system can no longer be maintained, Labrecycling propose solutions for its overhaul. We can do trade-in or buying this equipment for your next purchase, so you can save money.

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