Hoofdafbeelding Varian AA240Z + GTA 120

Varian AA240Z + GTA 120

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Varian AA240Z + GTA 120

The Varian AA 240Z Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrometer With GTA 120 Zeeman Graphite Tube Atomizer is used to determine the concentration of an element in a sample. It is proven to give the best detection limits based on the sensitive AC-modulated Zeeman technique. 

As the inventor of the Zeeman technique in the late 1960s, Varian patented all possible Zeeman configurations and chose to adopt the more sensitive AC modulated Zeeman technique. This system has proven to give the best detection limits of any Zeeman spectrometer available. Today, Varian offers the new generation AA240Z and AA280Z Zeeman instruments. These instruments continue to set the industry benchmarks for uncompromised Zeeman performance. The SpectrAA Zeeman instruments offer the highest sensitivity, performance, simplicity of operation and industry leading software expected of a worldwide leader in atomic spectroscopy.

The combination of a Constant Temperature Zone graphite furnace, fast Zeeman background correction and polynomial interpolation ensures superior spectral interference correction and maximum sample accuracy. In addition, Varian\'s low thermal mass graphite tubes with their long atom cell and fixed 0.8 Tesla AC magnetic field maximizes sensitivity.
Varian\'s Zeeman range comprises the AA240Z with up to 4 fixed lamp positions and the AA280Z with up to 8 fixed lamp positions. These instruments are supplied complete with the GTA120 Zeeman graphite tube atomizer, ensuring superior graphite furnace performance

Specifications Varian AA 240Z :

  • Applications: Zeeman Graphite Furnace AA Determinations
  • Wavelength(s): 185–900 nm
  • Software: SpectrAA
  • Power: 3500 VA
  • Operating environment:

Temperature: 5–45°C

Humidity: 20–80%

  • Configurations: double beam
  • Lamp type: UltrAA lamps/support for four lamps (280 Z AA: Eight Lamps)
  • Vaporization: graphite furnace atomization
  • Safety Features: furnace safety system
  • Autosampler: furnace
  • Optics: narrow beam optics/automated self-calibrating 250 mm Czerny-Turner Monochromator (280 Z AA: 330 mm)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 31 x 23 x 23 in. (79 x 59 x 58 cm)


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