Hoofdafbeelding Waters Acquity UPLC+ Sample Manager FTN

Waters Acquity UPLC+ Sample Manager FTN

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ACQUITY UPLC Sample Manager - Flow Through Needle PLUS Series

You can submit samples for analysis on the ACQUITY UPLC system by loading microtiter plates or vials onto the rotary sample tray of the Sample Manager-Flow Through Needle PLUS (SM-FTN PLUS). Using a flow-through-needle mechanism, in which the needle is part of the high-pressure sample flow path. The sample manager injects the samples it draws from the plates and vials onto a chromatographic column. Optional extension loops (installed between the sample needle and the injection valve) increase the volume of your injections beyond that of the sample needle. Using the SM-FTN PLUS, you also can dilute injected samples (auto-dilution).


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