Hoofdafbeelding Waters Acquity UPLC system + PDA Detector

Waters Acquity UPLC system + PDA Detector

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Labrecycling has bought "new" UPLC systems of Waters Acquity and also sold it. So If you have one, you do not use anymore? Please contact us.

Waters Acquity UPLC system

The system contains the next modules:

Waters Acquity UPLC Sample organizer

The sample organizer stores microtiter or vial plates and transfers them to and from the sample manager, automating their processing and increasing thoughput.

The samples organizer's storage shelf compartment can hold a selection of ANSI plates. Sample plates are loaded into the organizer through a large, swing-open front door. The shelf compartment is thermally conditioned by sample organizer heater/cooolers that, together with the sample manager heater/cooler, control the temperature between 4 and 40°C in  21 °C or less ambient conditions. 

Waters Acquity Colomn manager

The optional column manager can regulate the temperature of up to four columns from 10 to 90 °C. The column manager also offers a bypass channel and automated, programmable switching between columns for methods development. 

Waters Acquity Sample manager

The sample manager injects the samples it draws from microtiter plates or vial on to the chromatographic column. A locating mechanism uses a probe to access sample locations and draw sample from them. In the needle overfill loaded-ahead mode, the sampe manager can perform a i jection in approximately 15 seconds. The first injection requires additional overhead time. 

The sample manager accepts standard ANSI/SBS footprint platse, 5.03 ±0.02 inch, that conform to ANSI standards (maximum height = 2.2 inches, including covers). You can program any combination of the plates and vial holders for automated sample processing. Samples are loaded into the sample manager via the front door or between the two instruments. The sample manager can maintain samples at any temperature between 4 and 40 °C in 25°C  or less ambient conditions.

Waters Acquity Binary solvent manager

The binary solvent manager is a high-pressure pump that moves solvent trough the system. It provides steady (pulse-free) solvent flow at analytical flow rates. The binary solvent manager delivers solvent at flow rates of 1 mL/min at 103,421 kPa (1034 bar, 15,000 psi) and up to 2 mL/min at reduced pressures to 62,053 kPa (621 bar, 9000 psi). The binary solvent manager can pump two solvents simultaneously.

Waters Acquity PDA Detector 

The ACQUITY UPLC Photodiode Array (PDA) Detector offers advanced optical detection, providing unprecedented trace impurity detection and quantitation with spectral analysis capabilities. It is the ideal detector for any laboratory application, from compound identification to method development. 


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