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Waters In-Line Degasser AF

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The Waters In-Line Degasser AF provides HPLC systems with an automatic, continuous method for removing dissolved gasses from mobile phases. The continuous running pump cycles between high-speed, to provide rapid vacuum pull-down, and low-speed, to sustain a consistent vacuum level. This unique approach enables rapid vacuum equilibration for faster eluent equilibration. The In-Line Degasser AF's continuous operating mode improves chromatographic performance for high-sensitivity applications by eliminating detector baseline drift caused by pump hysteresis in discontinuous operating modes.

HPLC Module Waters In-Line Degasser AF

Chemical ResistanceUnaffected by full range of organic solvents and aqueous solutions of acids, bases, salts, 
and surfactants
pH Range0 to 14
Gas RemovalVaries with flow rate
Typical Operating Flow Range200µl/min to 5ml/min
Equilibration time<1 hour
Pressure Drop<0.08 psi (0.55 kPa) at 1 mL/min., Milli-Q®
water, STP
Wetted SurfacesPPSa, Teflon AFb, Tefzelc
InputsEnable, Disable (External control)
Outputsdc voltage (Relative vacuum)
Eluent Connections1/4-28 reversed ferrule fittings;
4 inlet and 4 outlet fittings
Vacuum ChambersOne chamber/eluent, two channels standard, third or fourth channel optional;
<0.5 mL internal volume/channel
Tubular Membrane1/vacuum chamber, Teflon AF
Vapor Exhaust1/8-inch (3 mm) barbed fitting
Vacuum SourceBuilt-in 2-head diaphragm pump, solvent resistant
Vacuum SensorDetects vacuum from 0 to 15.6 psiA

13.33 cm (W) X 14.60 cm(H) X 30.48 cm (D)

Power115 Vac (85 to 132 V), 50/60 Hz
230 Vac (187 to 264 V), 50/60 Hz
Weight3,4 KG.
Ambient Temperature4 to 40 °C (
Relative Humidity10 to 90%, noncondensing


Waters HPLC systems Waters Alliance 2695
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