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Waters Xevo Qtof MS

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Introducing Xevo QT Of MS From Waters
Waters has once again redefined conventional mass spectrometry with the introduction of the Xevo™ QTof MS System, a high-performance, exact mass, benchtop MS/MS laboratory solution. Its Engineered Simplicity™ transforms every stage of your laboratory workflow so you can focus on your science.

Paired with Waters ACQUITY® UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC®) System, the Xevo QTof MS is the only commercially-available MS system to give scientists one-of-a-kind UPLC/MSE performance - a novel, patented method of data acquisition that captures "all of the data all of the time" at unparalleled speeds to maximize the amount of information collected from minimal sample amounts.

You'll gain quick, easy access to the most accurate, high-quality information. And with Xevo MS intelligent informatics, you'll be able to turn that information into business-critical knowledge as quickly and easily as you acquire it.

Let Xevo QTof MS bring intelligent engineering and new levels of simplicity and productivity to every step of your analytical workflow: Prepare, Analyze, Interpret.

Prior to testing samples, IntelliStart™ Technology automatically performs mass calibration, system checks, and monitors system performance to assure scientists that the instrument is operating at optimal performance levels.

The high performance, full scan exact mass capability of Xevo QTof MS ensures generation of high quality, information-rich, reproducible data.

While the quality of data captured is critical, data alone doesn't enhance laboratory productivity if it is not translated into meaningful information. BiopharmaLynx™ automates the processing and interpretation of biopharmaceutical data. This enables you to automatically:

  • Process accurate mass MS data, including peptide map results and intact protein mass measurements
  • Analyze and assign results, define the sequence and features of known proteins, and determine the identity of modified forms
  • Generate biopharmaceutical-specific reports from provided templates
  • Easily determine differences in samples through efficient overlaying of peptide maps

SOURCE: Engineered Simplicity™

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