Hoofdafbeelding Waters Xevo TQ-S Micro

Waters Xevo TQ-S Micro

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Labrecycling sells used/2nd hand/refurbished LC/MS systems like this:

Xevo TQ-S micro

  • Increasing instrument uptime
  • Reducing sample turnaround time
  •  Easy method transfer
  • Understanding sample complexity 

Xevo® TQ-S micro is a sensitive but compact tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer featuring reliable performance with a wide dynamic range and high rates of data acquisition.

Robust sensitivity is enabled by proven ZSpray™ and StepWave™ which facilitate the detection of analytes at low concentrations in complex matrices and enable low volume injections with accurate, precise, and consistent results. Xtended Dynamic Range™ (XDR) technology provides accessible sensitivity and method transfer. The Xevo TQ-S micro makes it easier to confidently quantify more analytes using reproducible high acquisition rates with Xcelerated Ion Transfer™ (XIT). Using RADAR,™ which enables rapid switching between MS full scan and MS/MS acquisition modes, analysts can understand sample complexity and improve method development.





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