Hoofdafbeelding AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+

AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+

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Labrecycling recently got the oppurtunity to buy a AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ system.

AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ LC/MS/MS 

The TripleTOF 5600+ system delivers with high-resolution, high-sensitivity data, and excellent mass accuracy stability with fast acquisition rates. 

This system also provides up to 4 orders of magnitude linear dynamic range high-resolution, high-sensitivity data with acquisition speed up to 100 spectra/sec. resolution, high-sensitivity data with acquisition speed up to 100 spectra/sec makes the TripleTOF 5600 system a perfect compliment to ultrafast chromatography. The system also provides 4-5 orders of magnitude of linearity to ensure accurate quantitation in MS and MS/MS modes.

Features AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600+ LC/MS/MS 

Mass Range TOF40 kDa
Mass Selection Range Q15 – 1250 m/z
TOF-MS Mass Resolution and Acquisition Speed≥35,000 (FWHM) at 956 m/z, using 50 ms accumulation time
TOF-MS/MS Mass Resolution and Acquisition Speed≥25,000 (FWHM) at 195 m/z, and ≥18,000 (FWHM) at 86 m/z, using 50 ms accumulation time
Detector Type4-channel MCP detector with TDC signal processing for extended dynamic range
Flexible Data Acquisition WorkflowsTOF-MS
Information dependent acquisition (IDA) MS/MS
Data Independent SWATH® Acquisition with fixed or variable Q1 isolation windows
Targeted MRMHR workflow
Ionization SourcesIonDrive™ Turbo V, DuoSpray™ source, each with TurboIonSpray® or Atmospheric-pressure chemical ionization (APCI) probes available; Digital PicoView NanoSource
Orthogonal Front End Separation CompatibilityCompatible with advanced front-end separation strategies including high-flow, microflow and nanoflow chromatography, capillary electrophoresis spray ionization (CESI), or using SelexION® differential ion mobility
Variable Window SWATH® AcquisitionData-Independent SWATH® Acquisition with variable window capabilities, allows for a large number of Q1 isolation windows at user controlled widths, up to 200 per cycle to achieve better specificity, even in complex samples
Data File PortabilityCondensed data file sizes simplify and streamline data storage and portability for sharing with colleagues, without losses in data quality, completeness or security

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