Hoofdafbeelding Agilent 1100 + Quat Pump G1311A + DAD G1315B

Agilent 1100 + Quat Pump G1311A + DAD G1315B

Article nr.: 2020
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The Agilent 1100 series HPLC-DAD with Quaternary pump G1311A series is a modular system that combines fast, high-capacity analysis with precise results.  The innovative range of stackable HPLC components can be operated via a handheld controller or a computer with ChemStation software.  Based on the HP 1050 HPLC system, the Agilent 1100 system features a single stack component configuration that takes up minimal laboratory space. 

Agilent 1100 series + G1315B DAD

  • G1311A Quaternary pump
  • G1315A DAD (Diode Array Detector).
  • G1313A Autosampler
  • G1316A COLCOM 
  • G1322A Degasser
  • Solvent Tray
  • Computer with Chemstation software
  • All required cables.

Agilent 1100 DAD G1315B

The Agilent 1100 G1315B Diode Array Detector verifies separation quality with peak purity, multiple signals, and spectral libraries during analytical quantification, offering an extended wavelength range with the highest sensitivity.

The diode array detector allows for automated wavelength verification for performance tracking.

The Agilent 1100’s temperature management system ensures optimum baseline stability, even under rough ambient conditions.

This detector G1315B features

  1. Superb illumination using combined deuterium and tungsten lamps for the highest intensity and lowest detection limit from 190 to 950 nm, 1024 diodes and 1-nm slit for highest spectral resolution.
  2. The programmable slit helps you explore the spectral landscape for faster sample characterization, ensuring higher sensitivity or lower baseline noise as necessary on the 1100. Slit settings can be stored and reported from 1 – 16 nm with raw data for GLP traceability. 


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